The Idea of Sanctuary…

What does Sanctuary mean?

It means different things to different people of course.
A person can have several personal sanctuaries, both external and internal. They can be “life banks” where one deposits and stores special items that are precious. And one returns to this bank to find peace, strength, wisdom and comfort.
There are also external Sanctuaries: these might be physical places of refuge and solace, where one might flee to when one's life is in danger. They can also be sacred spaces in nature or sacred places created by humans out of love and Universal compassion for others, or in a greater belief in something higher than themselves, and beyond their physical lives.
All these various Sanctuaries give life its grace, peace, and purpose.

Perhaps the most important Sanctuary in one’s life is the one within the Arms and Heart of someone you love.

Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson