Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson/Keir Neuringer and the Transformational Ensemble

Canon for Noel for trumpet and cello

Rotations II for ensemble

Rotations I

for flute and trumpet (2014), Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson

Echo of Wood

for multiple recorders: Eveline Noth, recorders



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Jalalu's Dawn

On the morning of his birthday in 2009, the American Jazz musician and composer Jalalu Kalvert Nelson held a - mildly said - special solo concert at the edge of Lake Geneva. A memorable moment for the few lucky people who were out taking a walk - and who luckily were captured on film. 'Jalalu's Dawn' celebrates the man of the day with a small, poetic gem, which with its indistinct style and distinctive images places itself musically between night and day, lake and land, and dream and documentary.

Jalalu in New York

Aline d'Auria filmed Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson in New York... with an alpenhorn. Watch the film here.

Jalalu and Chalaban in concert

Budapest, 2009

Interview on WDAV Classical Public Radio

recorded April 9, 2008